This is a section for posts on more “serious” stuff. Not that everything is going to be “I want to gouge my eyes out, this is so depressing,” but a place for more ruminative, less frivolous material. I can’t lie – it will probably still be heavy on the narcissism. I’ll be dealing with topics such as my experience with culture shock and transition, as well as those relating to Bangkok’s less appealing side, such as its rampant sex trade. My goal is to present a fuller picture of life in Bangkok, not just the funny bits.

Ruminating Ruth

List of Rumination posts:

A Member of the 1%

A Moving Target

A Story from Prison

A Visit to Prison

Babymoon in Pattaya: A psychologically jarring experience

Communities of Transients

Culture-shock, a Two-headed Beast

The Dark Side of Authentic Travel

Did Aung San Suu Kyi Ever Go Outside?

Feels Like Home: The connection between identity and place

I’m a Feminist

Learning to Grieve

Lessons from Marriage

Marriage and Transition

Two-tier Pricing

The Western Woman: An Awkward Third Wheel

2 thoughts on “Ruminations

  1. BTW – did you see your mug-shots on the front page of our ( Grace) website? You are allowed to object….if you really want to….! But we like the picture…….oh, and are you using the same email address ? glad you are still alive -and well – after all your adventures thus far…….

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