Sawasdee khaaaaaa! My name is Ruth.

This is me!

I started The Facetious Farang when I moved to Bangkok in Summer 2012. “Farang” is the somewhat derogatory term that Thais use to describe foreigners (sample sentence: “Check out how much that stupid farang just paid for that shirt!”). “Facetious” stems from the fact that I a) adore alliteration, and I b) try to view life through a humorous lens. Facetious-ness allows me to navigate culture-shock induced nervous breakdowns, and gives me the opportunity to quietly snicker at my own jokes.

Headed for a breakdown – get me some facetious, stat!

I live waaaay out in the outskirts of Bangkok with my main man, Todd/T-bone. We moved to Bangkok because he got a job as a math teacher at an international school. He really loves numbers and birds, but most of all, he loves being married to a crazy person.

Little did he know what was in store for him…

I recently graduated with a master’s degree in Military and Strategic Studies. This degree is awesome for starting conversations with middle-aged military wannabes (“Why yes! Please tell me your favourite conspiracy about who really runs the United States!”), but not so great for getting an actual job. While I wait for a career to fall into my lap, I will be substitute teaching at T-bone’s school, and trying to become a freelance writer. If anyone knows how to to do this, let me know.*

In the meantime, I’ll be eating doughnuts.

I enjoy a wide variety of hobbies, including slumping’n’scrunching my body into random positions, drinking vast draughts of coffee that stain my braces’ brackets, and wearing Indian clothing whenever possible.

I feel that the extra arm adds a certain something to this photo

I also enjoy any activities that involve the outdoors and little-to-no hand-eye coordination. Sports that involve moving in a straight line seem to work best for me.

Demonstrating a highly efficient heel hook

I come from a family of five children of whom I am widely considered the most normal. They all reside in my hometown of Calgary, Canada, that glorious bastion of oil, wheat, ginger beef, and rednecks.

In our natural state

This blog endeavours to give an outsider’s inside view of life in Bangkok, and will cover important topics such as Angry (Thai) Birds, Thailand Ikea’s “Swedish” meatballs, and my apartment’s septic system. I also write about our travels, both inside and outside of Thailand. Sometimes I write serious stuff, which you can find under the Ruminations category.

I hope you enjoy it. In the words of Todd’s favourite Korean t-shirt, “we just want to make sure for your pleasure.”

* Just don’t tell me to check about.com, because I’ve already done that.

16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey T & R !!

    Great to have your blog !! Sorry about all that fat though…………………gross.

    Hope life gets better and you don’t fade away through starvation…..we’re all doing well back here – just surviving without those who have recently left -sob 😦 all going well so far at Grace; early days yet…..and for you too. When does the school term begin Todd? love and prayers, R >

    • Love and prayers to the Lillingtons, too! Todd’s school term begins on August 7th, but there are orientation/planning activities going on until that time.

  2. Dear Ruth,
    I am on night shift at the hospital, and remembered about your blog. The perfect secret to staying awake tonight! You are an entertaining, informative and witty writer. As a reader, your entries have made me feel like I know you, but then I understand that I know nothing quite at all…. its a brilliant mixture for the internet that will keep me coming back to your blog. And I vastly enjoyed hearing about your unruly transition to a new city and new culture. Really enjoyed it. Until my next time, keep writing. Thanks! Tanis

  3. lady! you do realize that a coffee day with round two Ruth and Naomi is far more likely in BKK than in Cowtown? i kid you not – and will try to keep up with your adventures on the blog. do u want to spend a weekend in Ratchaburi in the meantime with Moo’s (sister-in-law) family? i can guarantee good food, a variety of pet dogs with degrees of incontinence, and a beautiful Thai teak house by the river. Let me know???

    • Naomi! nice to hear from you! Such strange timing – I was actually just thinking about you, because there is a teacher here that reminds me of you. Yes please to coffee day round two. Are you still in Africa?

      We would defs be down for a weekend in Ratchaburi if Moo’s family is up for meeting some random farangs.

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  5. Ruth I love reading your blog! You’re hilarious and educational! I would definitely give you a job as a freelance writer but wait ……

  6. Hi Ruth, Your writing is funny, factual & far away from Calgary (written just for u, the one who claims to like alliteration, hopefully even really lame attempts at it…) Life in Thailand comes alive when I read your blog & see your photos so please keep it up. What a fine adventure you are living! Much love & hi to Todd too, Margie

  7. Hi Ruth!

    I just came across your blog and love your humorous posts and anecdotes! It’s inspiring that you’ve moved to Thailand and your husband teachers math – I’ve worked as a math teacher myself and am obsessed with travel.. so your blog has really planted the idea that I could possibly combine the two. 🙂 Thank you!!

    All the best,

    • Thanks for reading, Carmela! Neat to hear that you are also a math teacher. Moving/teaching abroad has definitely been an adventure – it has had its ups and downs, but we’re grateful that we took the plunge! Drop me a line if you ever want more details on the process we went through to get here.

  8. Hi Ruth,

    I came across your blog as it was listed on the other blogger’s site. I have enjoyed your post so far. I do have my own blog but have been neglected for a while because of work schedule. I am a Thai e’migre’ and I do sometime reminiscing of the time when I was a child growing up in Isaan. I am sure you have “heard all about it” about the Isaan people. Let just says “it ain’t true.” We are not the trailer trash of the Thai people. Some of us is quite sophisticated. I will come back to Thailand one day as a volunteer and hopefully reacquainted with the Thai culture. And let hope that I won’t get a shock of the culture):.

    • Hi Mel

      Thanks so much for reading! And you make a good point about Isaan. Hope your transition back to life in Thailand goes smoothly!

  9. Dig your blog. Just read your article on your thoughts on the great myth of “authentic travel”, because, admittedly, I’m doing a bit of background reading before writing my own.

    Thought I’d give you a wave from Vietnam (been here for two years, and I bet if I waved really, really hard, you could see me!) and tell you that I could give you some actual tips on how to become a freelance writer, since I (sort of) managed to do it!

    Follow me, traveler friend: kaziverden.wordpress.com; @kaziverden <—- warning. I have not posted in quite some time

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