Foodie Fridays: Doughnuts/Donuts!

This Foodie Friday post will be dedicated to one of Thailand’s main food groups. While fruit and vegetables are important, doughnuts* form the cornerstone of the typical Thai diet. This emphasis on fried dough has really helped me feel at home – doughnuts are a critical piece of Canada’s infrastructure, and are, in fact our primary industry. If Tim Horton’s ever collapses, so too will the Canadian economy.

nyc-variety-pack-large (1)

Oh, Canada!

I have to admit that I was a little surprised to discover the importance of doughnuts in Bangkok. In Canada, I think the need for fat and dough is imprinted on our genetic code due to our short growing season. I can just picture an ancient Mennonite family on the prairies: “Quick, little Hans,  heat the lard! We must make enough doughnuts to sustain us through the long winter.”

Thailand can’t claim the lack of a growing season – apparently they just know a good thing when they taste it. And that’s fine by me.

In my extensive** experience, there are two main doughnut chains in Bangkok: Dunkin’ Donuts and Mister Donut.

Dunkin’ employees diggin’ the Americana theme

Patriotic Cute Texas Beth is a proud supporter of Bangkok’s doughnut industry, y’all

Mister Donut is usually located next door to Dunkin’ Donuts. So far, it’s winning in my books because its chocolate cake donut is far superior to the one that Dunkin’ Donuts makes.

Mister Donut’s chocolate is rockin’ my world

In the name of research, I conducted this test several times. I may be forced to re-conduct it in the future.

There are other donut chains such as Yamizaki which produce variations on the doughnut theme.

Just yer basic self-serve doughnut joint

Supermarkets dig them too, as demonstrated by the treasure trove that I found while grocery shopping.

Ahhh. I could swim in this sea of doughnuts

I had already conducted extensive research that day, so I didn’t indulge in this 4 Baht ( around 15 cents) gold mine.

Besides the basics, Bangkok has really enhanced the options available to doughnut connoisseurs. Here are some of the options that my research uncovered:

The – and I quote – “Wiener Doughnut”

Variation on “The Wiener Doughnut”

Doughnut pizza

Doughnut sandwich. The main ingredients appear to be lettuce and mayonnaise

Mini doughnut-things for charity

And finally, if you had any doubt about what you can do with doughnuts, here are a few suggestions, courtesy of Mister Donut:

Doughnuts can be used for everything from demonstrating true love to encouraging male bonding

Clearly, Thailand has adopted the doughnut and raised the stakes. Canada must adapt if it hopes to compete. I’m off to conduct more research…

* “Doughnuts” or “donuts.” Take your pick. I have to stick with the former or I’ll hear about it from my mother, who is simultaneously the person who birthed me and the perma-editor in my head.

** Within a 2-mile radius of our apartment