Ice Skating Thai Style

While I can’t say that I ever fully appreciated my Canadian hometown’s tendency to get blanketed in snow in May (or alternately, June/July/August/September), I have been missing winter. I would love to be able to go skiing, or actually need a sweater, or to feel a chill that doesn’t come from the over-enthusiastic use of AC. Some of my friends have apparently been feeling the same way, because last Friday, they insisted that we needed to check out the indoor skating rink at Mega Bangna, our local mall.

The rink charges by the hour, and it is not cheap. I guess admission needs to be sufficient to cover the matching winter coats that all the cashiers wear. We decided that one hour would probably be adequate, and went to pick up our snazzy skates. Imagine ancient roller blades updated with tasteful colour combinations.

The epitome of taste

The rink was pretty small and pretty melt-y, and pretty full of small children and not-so-small children who didn’t know how to skate. Their parents were either desperately clinging to the boards while trying not to wipe out, or watching from the sidelines.

Or attempting to catch their children who are already faster than them

The fun really got started when we realized that half the kids at the rink were students from the school. Nothing like hanging out with students on a Friday night. Fortunately, they were still young enough to think that their teachers are cool because they can skate fast, not lame because they are spending Friday night at a skating rink with small children.

We can also skate while holding hands!

A tiny corner of the skating rink was devoted to ice hockey. It warmed the cockles of my heart to see kids practicing my country’s national sport on a minute piece of ice. It seemed like the perfect scenario for a seriously cheesy movie: “Young Thai hockey players spend hours practicing on a tiny strip of ice, surrounded by heinously bright orange skates, frightening hanging penguins, and teenage romances. They overcome the odds and win sponsorship from a Thai doughnut chain and go on to win the Olympic games even though the other teams didn’t have to share their ice time and were sponsored by bigger doughnut chains…” or something like that.

Hang in there! Someday, Mister Donut will discover you.

The chill in the air was satisfying, but not quite cold enough to prevent the hanging penguins from spitting/dripping condensation on my head every time I skated under them.

The perfect temperature.

All in all, it was fun to get a small taste of winter. But one hour was sufficient.