Thailand’s growing population

It seems that EVERYONE in Thailand is procreating these days:


A friendly neighbourhood dog and a few of her septuplets. Her eyes just scream: “All I want is a good night’s sleep, and a chance for my teats to breathe.”


Our friendly neighbourhood crocodile farm. I have no idea who produced whom.


Not sure if these two are parents yet or not, but I think they would make a good go of it.ย 


Ugh. But no one can say she didn’t give it the ol’ college try. (

Ruth and Todd 3

“What is it?”

With all these procreating friends, we had to hop on the bandwagon: Baby Facetious Farang coming in November 2013. Just doing our bit to ensure the continued viability of Thailandโ€™s farang population.

24 thoughts on “Thailand’s growing population

  1. Wow! That is FANTASTIC!! A huge congratulations to you both. Looking forward to following your posts and hope you are feeling well.

    ps: I think the hippos would make cute babies together too

    • Thanks so much! I’m definitely feeling better now that I’ve hit my second trimester, and gearing up for what I’m sure will be a wild ride!

  2. I also missed a few days’ reading material, but, never-the-less – Brilliant !! Wait till I tell the kids !!
    lovely news – good job you two ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy being pregnant – don’t forget to sing to him/her ๐Ÿ™‚ We used to sing ‘Abba Father’ every night to whichever one was in situ at the time – and they still love me/us singing it to them now! and they’re getting so big……
    lots of love & prayers XXOO

    • Thanks, Ruthy! And good idea re: singing. We haven’t done much of that yet, but we often play the recorder. The poor baby will probably find its father’s shrill squawks extremely comforting someday… ๐Ÿ˜‰

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