Boneheads in Paradise

This past weekend, one of Todd’s oldest and dearest friends came to visit us. Todd and Andy have a long and glorious history of doing boneheaded stuff* together, and Todd was very excited to be reunited with his partner in crime.


We picked Andy up at the airport on Friday, and had a tame start to the weekend. We took him to Koh Lanta, one of our favourite restaurants. To be honest, the food at Koh Lanta is kinda sucky, but the decor is so amazingly bizarre that we keep going back for more. It is a good place to go if you want to experience the joys of psychedelic substances without actually consuming anything illegal.**

Case in point: a man-made lake complete with pegasus, fake huts, and awkward sculptures

Don’t even bother trying to hide, Andy. The Blog will find you.

By the next day, though, Todd couldn’t restrain himself any longer: it was time to celebrate almost 3 decades of friendship by doin’ somethin’ stupid. He hauled Andy to his favourite spot in Bangkok: Taco Lake. Taco Lake is a man-made lake set up for wakeboarding, and it has a t-bar system in the middle – you line up with your board, and clip in when it’s your turn. Taco Lake is the paradise that haunts Todd’s dreams. Unfortunately, I don’t have any photos of their experience to share with you, because they spent the entire time face-planting into the wake, then lining up to face-plant again.*** Andy also managed to twist his ankle, and by the time they finally got home, he was a gimping mess. So we decided it was a good idea to spend the evening dragging him all over the city and feeding him bacteria-laden street food.

But not before we made him clean our apartment, as we do with all our guests.

First up: we trekked across the city to the river, where we went on a one-hour river cruise in a long-tail boat. This is my favourite type of site seeing – you get to see cool stuff, but you get to avoid the heat/crowds/any type of useful information.

Random but very cool buildings.

Wat Arun – temple of the dawn

A mothah of a suspension bridge

Every time Andy tried to prop up his throbbing ankle on his seat, our rough’n’ready captain screamed at him in Thai. Welcome to Bangkok, Andy.

After the boat ride, we squeezed our large farang selves into the non-existent gaps on the train, and headed to Sukhumvit Soi 11. Time for a bowl of mystery noodles in the pleasant 100% humidity of downtown Bangkok.

Todd knows what’s coming…

The enthusiasm cannot be contained.

These adventures weren’t quite enough to give Andy a complete picture of life in Bangkok, so we pumped him full of ibuprofen and took him to Above Eleven, one of Bangkok’s numerous roof top bars. The photos don’t do it justice, but the views are almost as dizzying as the price of drinks.

And a creepily overexposed photo. It’s so rare that I get a normal photo of myself that I had to post it anyway.

We finished the night off by getting stranded on the highway when our taxi ran out of gas. Not a problem: we hopped the median and scampered/gimped across four high speed lanes of traffic. And then binged on Magnum bars to ease the trauma. Just another night in Bangkok.

Today, Andy flies home. Todd is mourning the loss of his partner in boneheadedness, while Andy is probably finding his long-haul flight surprisingly restful.

*Exhibit A: exploring Calgary’s underground sewer system and nearly passing out from noxious gases.

**Although their chocolate cake is so revolting that it should be illegal.

***In the words of Todd’s mother: “Tell those boys that they aren’t as young as they used to be!”

4 thoughts on “Boneheads in Paradise

    • This all took place on Friday and Saturday – we did more stuff (albeit lower key) on Sunday. A lot more than we normally do on a weekend, but Andy was here for such a short that we wanted to pack a lot in.

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