My Life Lately: Editing and Eating

I was about to write another post about eating, but I realized that this blog has been a little too calorific lately. I mean, I love reading about food as much as the next person, but it’s not a good thing when words on a screen make you want to go on a cleanse. I’ll try to tone it down in the future, but to be frank, my recent life has involved a lot of food, a lot of editing, a lot of subbing, and not a whole lot else – hence the over-abundance of gastronomy. I’ve been doing some work for a women’s magazine – writing, editing, etc. – and several of the articles have involved restaurant reviews. The next issue is about to go to the printers, so life has been a little crazy lately. I go from this:

Calamari with truffle

to this:

My “A is for Angry” Birds shirt helps me destroy writers’ hopes and dreams.

to this:

This is a candid photo: subbing for lower school sports day is quite possibly the most heroic thing I’ve ever done in my life. 

Certain basic life details – such as grocery shopping – have fallen by the wayside, so when we do end up eating at home, it’s pretty sad. This morning, we had essentially no breakfast foods in the house. No bread, no cereal, no oatmeal, no eggs, no fruit. Fortunately, T “MacGyver” Bone whipped up a tasty treat: flour and water, stirred together and fried in a pan. Eaten with butter. I now understand the difference between “full” and “satiated.”

Butter. And flour. And water.

Eaten with maple syrup and a side of sugar.

It’s a life. And after the magazine is printed, I promise you’ll see more of the blistering pursuit of intellectualism that you’ve come to expect from this blog. Or at least a little variety.

12 thoughts on “My Life Lately: Editing and Eating

  1. Growing up in Barbados, we often ate something known locally as “bakes” for breakfast. You knew you were poor or the pantry was empty when you were served baked. It’s basically flour, water, sugar and a bit of nutmeg mixed together. Drop from a teaspoon into hot oil, fry till golden brown. I ate plenty bakes as a child….

    • yay! Come and edit articles and eat food for me! (actually, you’d be pretty good at both) And cook better food than Todd can for me!

      • the loss of my mother to you, will be a very sad time in my life. Mom wakes me up every morning and I don’t remember the last time I actually cooked for myself. we are going to starve when she visits you….as you will all get way better food.

      • wahh, we are going to starve when mom goes to thailand….to prevent you from starving. hmmm guess she is still saving people from bad food and indigestion all over the world

        • I am sorry, but it had to be done. It will be an important and difficult time in your life, but I trust that you will rise to the challenge, and embrace all that adulthood has to offer.

  2. Hello from Halifax my dear Ruth!! I’m here with the gang about to partake in some new gastronomic delights myself! Fresh Halibut and lobster here I come… wish you were here with me 🙂 Definitely require a skype date when I get back to tell you all the dirt 😉

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