A Week of Indian Food: Day 4 – Indian breakfasts

I was a little remiss in my breakfast duties, and didn’t properly document the range of Indian options. However, I think I have enough to give you an idea of the available options. Everywhere you go (in tourist areas, at least), there is the inevitable toast and omelette option.

T-bone eating: it’s inevitable

The standard version is a two-egg masala (in this case, a mixture of tomato, onion, cilantro, and chilli) omelette accompanied by four slices of white toast, butter, tea, and fake jam. I’m not sure what it is about India, but for a country that does so many culinary things right, they really do jam wrong. Unless you get the real (ie: expensive stuff), it tastes like rotten jello.

Anyway, on to more interesting foods. A typical northern Indian option is aloo puri. Aloo refers to a potato curry, and puri is a deep-fried flat bread. The combo is delicious, but man, is it a load of fat first thing in the morning. I only ordered this once. Ok, maybe twice.

Accompanied by no fewer than three drinks – chai, lassi, and juice

A typical southern Indian option is dosa, a rice-flour pancake. Other south Indian favourites include idli, uttapam, and vada, and they are all based on the same idea – fermented rice dough, formed into various shapes. It sounds weird, but it’s delicious. In the photo below, I am eating a paper masala dosa. The dosa is the crispy pancake, while (as far as I can tell) “paper” means that it is 5 times the size of a usual dosa, and masala refers to a potato curry in the middle of the dosa. The dosa is accompanied by coconut chutney, and sambar (spicy lentil soup).

Oops. It’s half devoured already. That’s awkward.


Eating so fast you can’t even see my hand.

Nothing like getting your day started right!

8 thoughts on “A Week of Indian Food: Day 4 – Indian breakfasts

  1. Thanks Ruth for reminding me of the food and flavours of India. Your posts bring me back to 1994 when I last there. I think I gained 10 pounds in 2 months eating rich curries. And… Lyle can totally relate to dutch chocolate letters.

    • Thanks for reading, Darla! Didn’t know that you’d been in India – cool! I also know what it’s like to gain weight in India – this trip wasn’t long enough to do serious damage, but when I was in India 9 years ago, I must have gained at least 15 lbs. Not a good place for maintaining a healthy diet 🙂

  2. Judging by its appearance, “paper” might mean “as thin as paper” – do you think? You certainly did some nice eating in India!

  3. Ruth seems to have (un)intentionally left out photos of our desperation breakfasts on the trains and buses which consisted mostly of store-bought cookies and bags of Indian spiced deep-fried bits of who-knows-what mixed with peanuts. Ya do what ya gotta do.

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