Forts, Folks, and deFormed Cows in Jaipur

Magically, as soon as we left the polluted hole otherwise known as Jodhpur, our spirits revived almost immediately. Almost, because we first had to endure an eleven hour bus journey. Our hotel owner booked us on what can only be termed the “milk run,” and must have pocketed the change. The bus picked up and/or dropped off every man, woman, and child in Eastern Rajasthan.

Fortunately, Jaipur was a different story. Like Jodhpur, it had a cool fort:


The Amber Fort, located just outside the city.

It also offered some fun human/bovine/ puppet encounters. Tourist season is in full force, and massive swarms of Indian tourists were everywhere. There is a fun trend in India called “get your photo taken with a foreigner,” and everywhere we went, we were asked to pose. My favourite was when men wanted their photo taken with Todd, and insisted on holding his hand in the picture.

Our new adopted family Some adorable kids at our hotel who had never seen white people up close, and requested a photo.

We also bumped into a young philosopher named Dinesh, who wanted to sell us a puppet. When we told him we weren’t interested, he settled for a conversation about the meaning of life. We chatted for awhile while I drank multiple lassis from a street vendor. When we had to leave, he gave us one of his puppets as a gift. I promised to write about him on my blog.

There may have been some secret hand holding in this photo. Not sure.

Speaking of puppets, we were also treated to a puppet show by a few young doofuses at our hotel. It included a Michael Jackson puppet with amazing dance moves who sang a Frere Jacques/Macarena medley. For this rare privilege, they allowed us to pay as much as we wished. Todd paid them more than I wished.


And finally, this fun li’l cow. Its body was a normal size, but it had dwarf legs. I may have laughed really hard and followed it for a block. What a gem.


I left Jaipur unscathed, and with my bruised love for India mended.

2 thoughts on “Forts, Folks, and deFormed Cows in Jaipur

  1. Just had a thought: I hope your crooked hotel proprietor has not discovered your blog…although actually, it might entertain him to a softer stance. Glad you are able to end your trip well, and probably with more appreciation than if you hadn’t suffered through Jodhpur. (Btw, is that name the source of the term for English riding breeches?)

    • I decided not to post a second review of the hotel – not worth the fight that was sure to follow. Besides, we looked up some other negative reviews if the place, and the manager posted insulting public responses (not private like the one he sent to me). Some of the stories were unbelievable, and we had a good laugh. I don’t think he would have been fazed if I posted his rude email,

      Yes, the breeches get their name from the town of Jodhpur.

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