Frigid Travels in the Curry Mothership

Well, T-bone and I made it to India. The trip has already been wonderful, horrible, and everything in between – par for the course in India. Anything other than dramatic extremes would be a disappointment. It had also been surprisingly frigid. After dusk, the temps hover at around 5-10 degrees Celsius, and we were not exactly well prepared.
Blog posts will be short’n’random for the next two weeks. Best Christmas wishes to you all!


Todd exploring the Red Fort in Delhi


Freezing my buns off/drinking chai on a frigid train ride.

4 thoughts on “Frigid Travels in the Curry Mothership

  1. When you originally said it was cold in Delhi, I admit I was skeptical about that description. Not only had I never thought of India as “cold” but here in Calgary we have been sitting in the -20s for days. However, with this post I can see that 5 degrees is a shock, after sweltering in 40 degree heat for months in Thailand. Therefore, I will concede that it IS cold in India. Enjoy!

  2. Glad you arrived safely and are enjoying it. I hope those train rides aren’t too cold, how do they compare with the AC train in Thailand? We are having a great time in Chiang Mai – the weather is just right here ;o)

    • Glad to hear you are enjoying Chiang Mai! Thanks for warning me about the cold train – we bought blankets but were still freezing! Didn’t help that we were still RAC, and had to share a side berth… Groan! Having a wonderful time now, though.

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