The Facetious Farang is hosting its (my?) first contest!

The Background:

Overall, life in Bangkok is good, but there are a few things that have been gettin’ me down a bit lately. The main downer is that I  have not yet begun subbing, and it looks like I am still at least a few weeks away from officially walking the hallowed halls of T-bone’s school. I won’t go into details, but the process/communication has been painful in the extreme for The Trailing Spouses Club. The secondary downer is that a few key features of our apartment building are not yet functional. Perhaps the most visible of these is our non-functional pool. So, I figured I’d cheer myself up by running an on-line bet. Here it is:

Which do you think will happen first?

A) I will begin substitute teaching

Gettin’ paperwork in Cambodia

B) Our pool will be swimmable

(Ok, this photo is old, but too good not to use. The pool is looking better, but it still ain’t swimmable).


C) Christmas will come!





Since neither my mother nor the government of Thailand approve of gambling, I will not give monetary odds. However, if you live in Bangkok and you guess correctly, I will reward you with chocolate/cheese/Chang (your choice). If you live farther afield, you will have to content yourself with my undying online r-e-s-p-e-c-t.

In order to vote, please leave a comment below.

Results will be announced as soon as they come in! Please vote!

26 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. Subbing….. go employment go!! At least thats the one I hope for. You need something to occupy you or you are going to go crazy Ruthel…. I would send you my midterm marking, but I think that might be frowned upon 😉

  2. I’m picking pool, only because I’m extremely disappointed that T-Bone hasn’t taken it upon himself to complete this manly of man tasks. I can only hope this public shaming will spur him into Superman like action, thus meaning I will win this non-monetory bet for public bragging rights.

    For shame T-Bone!

  3. I guess I’ll go for the only sure one: C. I would like it to be A, and that may happen, but I wouldn’t trust that pool for swimming, no matter what, so no B!

  4. I vote option D: you start up an entrepreneurial Christmas Decoration stall on our Soi: when you are finally called in to sub, you will curtly tell them that you are busy.

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