Foodie Friday: Best Beef

Oops! Maybe this overdue Foodie Friday post should be entitled Supping Sunday or something.

The new teachers (plus assorted Trailing Spouses) at this glorious scholastic institution decided that it was time for a koffee klatsch/catch-up sesh after our October break – we are basically one big extended family. Nothing screams “bonding” like a night out at “Best Beef.”

Uncle John is EXTREMELY excited to bond with his nephew, but Cousin Jay isn’t sure how he feels

Best Beef is a buffet/grilling restaurant located in On Nut (I feel like it’s a sign of my cultural integration that I can now type this without snickering), a neighbourhood in Bangkok proper. The whole restaurant is outdoors, and has seating for approximately several thousand people. It functions like this: the waiter brings you a bowl of burning charcoal and a grilling plate (nothing like a bowl of fire on a 30+ degree evening), and a menu. You point to random raw items on the menu and hope that the waiter understands/cares.

And Cousin Ellen is prepared to “clarify” if he gets it wrong

You then lob a hunk of butter into the pan, and dump your raw goodies in with it. I tried to keep the raw chicken juice separate from my eating utensils, but soon gave up. There was just way too much food flying all over the place for me to worry about hygiene.

So many calories. So little time.

The unfortunate thing about a restaurant called “Best Beef” is that it kinda focuses on animal proteins. This was a non-issue for most of us

Cousin Rambo needs MEAT to fuel those guns

But there were a few vegetarians at our table. We designated one hot plate as a veggie plate and one as a meat plate. The veggie plate contained a somewhat anaemic selection of low-cal foods, while the meat plate was like the slaughter of Noah’s ark – cow layered on top of chicken draped over squid wrapped around pig eating shrimp. Carnage.

Cousin Katherine manages to make binge eating look cultured

Thanks for letting us eat you, little dudes

The waiter seemed pretty reluctant to bring the vegetables we ordered. “Asparagus, corn and mushrooms please.” “Ok, ok.” And then celery tops and aging lettuce would show up at the table. The vegetarians got the shaft.

Yup. The restaurant does hate you guys.

Overall, it was a good binge with our family. Next time I feel like eating assorted animals next to a blazing fire in the sultry, cloying heat of the tropics, I’ll be sure to head back to Best Beef.

And then maybe I’ll check out this place

5 thoughts on “Foodie Friday: Best Beef

  1. this ad, alongside your post about underwear shopping, is proof that there is something very wrong going on in the world of body image.

    • I think you’re right, although I have to admit that I cracked up when I saw the ad – I don’t know if I have ever witnessed anyone holding their stomach quite like that before.

  2. I loved your description of the meat hot plate – too funny!

    Re that slim-up poster: the woman with the stomach looks like she is pretending to be pregnant, like maybe she wishes she were…
    I would like to see HER “after” pose, not that heedless, giddy super-model they have pictured here.

  3. This sounds delicious! Good use of adjectives in this entry. Also, that’s the best diet sign I’ve seen for a long time? It’s a little sad that dieting has come to Asia, though (I’m assuming this is relatively new, perhaps ignorantly).

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