Stranded in Cambodia

Well, my blog-world friends, today my post is short’n’sweet, because I am typing it with my phone. I am stranded in Phnom Penh on a visa run gone wrong. Let’s just say I received some misinformation about the amount of time it would take to secure a work visa. After paying a crook more money than I should have, I have my visa, but I missed my flight back to Bangkok. Fortunately, I have these two fine friends by my side:

(Cute Texas Patriotic (CTP) Beth and Kevdeep. AKA, the other members of the “Trailing Spouses” Club)

Together, we are swimming in a torrid sea of frustration (bad information re: visa planning), depression ( field trip to the killing fields), guilt’n’disgust (paying a crook to work a corrupt system), and disbelief (is there anything else that could possibly go wrong with this process?). Stay tuned, because you’re gonna get an eyeful when I get back to my computer.

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