2 thoughts on “A Moving Target

  1. This rings so true to me especially now that I have daughters. Slightly off topic of advertising- Halloween costumes! They are out in Costco already and it is crazy the difference in options for girls and boys! Boys could be a fighter pilot, a police officer, astronaut, fire fighter, knight or pirate. Girls could be a pixie fairy, witch, cowgirl, mermaid, or any one of the Disney princesses. I almost had Gillian convinced to be the pirate captain until she saw the pixie fairy costume.

    • Dang! Gillian would have been the best pirate! ­čÖé
      Maybe I’m overly suspicious, but it seems to me that advertisers are targeting younger and younger girls, and pushing them into stereotypical roles – perhaps so that they will develop predictable buying patterns as they get older? Sometimes it seems like an evil conspiracy to me.

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