Introducing: Foodie Fridays!

I dig alliteration, and I dig food, so from now on, my Friday posts will focus on this marvellous marriage. It’s all about startin’ your weekend right.

Samut Prakan Night Market

Shopping in da ‘hood

It seems appropriate for this section’s first post to focus on something close to my home and dear to my heart: our neighbourhood night market.  A few stalls operate every day of the week, but on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the market really heats up, with Friday night being the biggest and the best. The market sells a variety of household goods, meat sticks, “sea” food, and clothing. Case in point: Todd bought his entire wardrobe from one of the vendors.

Todd wearing his favourite 100% genuine polyester shirt

But let’s get on with the chow. Besides, that is where this market really shines. We buy most of our fruit and some of our vegetables here.

The fruit stand we frequent. We can never decide if the vendor is cheating us or not.

Veggie stand. My mother may have been negligent about teaching me Thai, but she sure taught me how to select a cucumber

There are also plenty of meat sticks to be had.

Todd was excited by these genuine-looking sausages. Until he bit into one, and discovered that it was 99% fat. This seems to be a trend with us…

There are also a variety of items that I really can’t categorize. These range from deep-friend gelatinous rice’n’seaweed blobs to random entrails. I would have no clue what these gems tasted like if it weren’t for my favourite gourmand, Tbone. His MO: see it, buy it, eat it, regret it.

Todd is drawn to gelatinous rice’n’seaweed blobs the same way that a vulture is drawn to carrion – he can’t help it.

Even Todd wasn’t tempted by the goose necks

As I alluded to earlier, the market also sells a variety of “sea” food. While we live fairly close to the sea, we live even closer to a canal, which is where I suspect the bulk of “the catch” is caught.

“Sea” food

There are a few stalls that don’t even pretend that their catch doesn’t come from the canal/bog/sludge.

Fresh-n-tasty frogs. You’re welcome.

Generally, by the time we get home for dinner, Todd is already full from all his impulse buys, and I’m trying to scrub the image of frog guts from my brain.

What should Todd sample next? Leave me a note!


7 thoughts on “Introducing: Foodie Fridays!

  1. Yo sis. Good stuff. Do you want more readers? I could let some friends know about this (or everyone I have on fb). Let me know. I’m off to camp, and won’t read your response for a while, but stay cool! And I hope you find employment soon, or at least an interesting way to spend your days. Idea: buy a zebra costume, and accompany Todd to school. Act out the examples he gives his class, as an anthropomorphic zebra. It’s a thought.

    • thanks, petesy! I would definitely welcome more readers. Have an awesome time at camp. I like the zebra idea, and I may get to try it out soon (it looks like I’m going to be subbing at the school). keep ‘er real!

  2. (Speaking of your mother, nice shopping shirt, Ruth!) Stick with the fruit and vegies. The frogs look revolting…and most of the rest of it does too.

    Hint: Do not go shopping on an empty stomach. This is a well-known bit of housewifely wisdom in our country and may be helpful for keeping Todd reined in on your foodie forays.

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