Our House. In the Middle of our Soi.

Well, dang. I was planning on giving you all a photo tour of our new ‘hood, but the skies just opened up (rain in Thailand is the equivalent of having a bucket tipped over your head). I wanted to prove that my life doesn’t revolve around breathing in the sweet scent of our septic system all day, every day, but who I am kidding? I’ll just have to save the outdoor tour for another day. Instead, you get to have a tour of our new pied-à-terre.

My flood of disappointment at the rain was staunched by a $1 mojito from the convenience store across the street. Remember, self-portraits are always acceptable as long as they’re unflattering.

In spite of all my complaints, this is a pretty nice apartment. I’ll eventually publish a post about all its “endearing” quirks, but this one will give you the gist of its layout. T and I debated about whether it was a good idea to post a picture of the outside, and in the end, we decided it was probably better not to (Die Stalkers! You’ll never find me!). Let’s just say that the building rises like a phoenix from the ashes of the trees that it levelled.

Our hallway. Contain your excitement!

There is no entry-way in our apartment – you walk in, and Boom! You’re in the kitchen/living room/dining room. There’s a big open space in the centre of the floor plan, and a bedroom/bathroom on either end.

Our living/dining/everything room

If you have a keen memory for useless minutiae, you may notice that we have a different New Style Trend couch than we did previously. It’s difficult for me to talk about, because I fell in love with our old couch. The new red/blue combo just doesn’t do it for me. The old one was the perfect colour for catching coffee spills.

Our living room.

This is still part of our main area. For the first time in my life, I don’t have enough stuff to fill our shelves. Todd likes to have a little privacy when he studies Thai.

Living room/study area

Our study area. Notice the “internet failed to connect” screen on my computer. I won’t even get started on the WiFi in this joint…

Our kitchen

Thai kitchens are pretty minimalist, at least by Canadian standards. Apparently, most people eat out most of the time, so full kitchens aren’t a necessity. In terms of appliances, we have a fridge, microwave, and hot plate. That’s it. I already managed to melt part of the control panel on the hot plate (dang! No more congee setting for us!), so we are operating at 2.5 out of 3.

Dining “room”

The most important features of the dining area are our map of Bangkok’n’area, and Todd’s special bird place mats.

Master bathroom

The bathroom. It’s nice except for the drainage issues.

Master bedroom

This feels strangely intimate, but there you have it. Bed? Check. Flat screen TV? Check. We never watch it, which makes us feel pious (just don’t ask me how much garbage I watch on my computer).

Entertaining myself

Here we have a magic closet that connects our bedroom to our bathroom. It would be a dream if only the drawers could be pulled out on both sides. It also provides a nifty nook for playing hide-and-seek with myself.

The other bed and bath are pretty similar, so I won’t bore you with photos of them.

View from our back deck

And to finish it off, the view from our back deck. Tour of our hood coming soon, I promise.

11 thoughts on “Our House. In the Middle of our Soi.

  1. Todd obviously enjoys being in these photos (he can’t keep a straight face). Nice apt – not exactly quaint and homey, though!

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