Serious Stuff (for real!)

I’ve decided to include a section on this blog that focuses on more serious stuff. In other words, it will address subject material that does not involve my toilet. There are many humorous things about adjusting to life in Bangkok, and I intend to continue to focus on them. However, there are also more serious, “ruminative” elements. I’ve decided to keep them in separate categories, at least for the time being. This is for a few reasons. First, keeping them all in the same section feels a bit emotionally ping-pongy. Second, if you just want to read the light-hearted stuff, I don’t want to be harshing your mellow, whereas if you want to Wallow in Pathos, I don’t to be mellowing your harsh. The new section can be found on the menu bar under Ruminations.

What do you think? I dig discussion!

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