Sawaddi-kaaaaaa! (English: Helloooooo!)

T-bone and I arrived one week ago in Thailand, and I figured it was time to get ye ol’ blog up and running. This will be a place for us (and by us, I mean me) to chronicle our adjustment to life in Thailand. I’ll be expounding on a wide array of important topics, including what kind of meat Thailand Ikea uses in its famous “Swedish” meatballs, and how it is that every toilet in our apartment block seems to drain into our bathroom’s bowl. Discussions of my efforts to “get a job’n’get a life” will also likely occur. I will do my utmost to include both frivolity and narcissism in each post.

I’ve been told that pictures are essential to a blog, so here’s a few (taken with our point’n’click – we clearly don’t know how to use the flash) to get us started:

It had been a looong day of setting up our apartment – the sort of thing that takes a lot of time no matter where you are, but somehow takes even longer in a new country. T and I were pretty pleased with ourselves – for the first time, we had ventured to the night market on our street, and bought different parts of our supper from 3 or 4 vendors. The chicken satay, in particular, was looking succulent, the way that only meat that is covered in fat, cooked over charcoal, and displayed in dim lighting can look. We dug in.

And soon discovered that the fat did more than glisten – it enveloped everything. In fact, every single piece of meat was pure fat, unless you count the bone and cartilage running through the centre of each piece. We had purchased five skewers, and in the true spirit of idiocy, tore through every piece, hoping for a different result, but finding only fat. Then we noticed some odd, feather-like bits on the end of each piece: we had purchased five skewers worth of chicken tails. We declared ourselves vegan-curious and left it at that.

6 thoughts on “Sawaddi-kaaaaaa! (English: Helloooooo!)

  1. YAY! I’m confident that chicken tails will be the first of many. I promise I will read everything you write and I’ll poke mischievous fun at a great deal of it. I miss you two!

  2. Hi ruth and Todd , glad that you are blogging your adventures. We were away for your party so feel that we missed out on the beginnings…the purpose , passion behind Thailand ect. Excited that jenny and sean will be visiting you in October .

  3. Hey you two! Great to connect with you(r blog) at last! Hope you ‘re able to sort that plumbing challenge ( gross) and what things you CAN safely eat in that part of the world ( other than chicken fat -gross). Missing you over here – already! And you’ve been gone only a month from us.
    We’re doing OK at Grace ( thanks for your prayers) and early joint services are off the ground and feel good ( over 70 last week šŸ™‚ ). Will keep watching and reading your blog – it’s in favorites now – and hope you don’t get sick tummies with all that street food !! lots of love, P,R, C,A,N,& J.

  4. I had to check your blog out. Alliteration is so alluring šŸ™‚ Also, I’m not sure I realized chickens had tails… I thought they were more knubbin’s. Either way, scrumptious.
    Happy settling in!

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